Yahima Piedra Córdova (Havana, Cuba) is a pianist, singer and composer based in Berlin, Germany.

Classically trained from an early age, she studied at the

"Guillermo Thomas" Conservatory (Havana), "Escuela Nacional de Arte de Cuba" (ENA) and years later at "L'Aula de Música moderna y jazz" (Barcelona).

During his years living in Barcelona and Ibiza, he was nourished by the sound-musical universe: electronic music and world music.

Collaborating as a keyboardist in several bands focused on pop and indie electronic genres, she performed in stages such as: "Luz de Gas", "Apolo" (Bcn), "Moby Dick Club" (Madrid), "La Lata de Bombillas" (Zaragoza).

Berlin opens the doors to her artistic life in 2014, she discovers her voice and begins her creative journey developing as a music producer and composer.

She participates in the "Gala José Carrera" as a vocalist for the singer Zucchero, and collaborates in projects such as "The Fem Jam Collective" and "MAMBÍ KoLéKtive".

Her first concert in Berlin as a singer took place at the Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin, as part of the project "Black Cuba: Homenaje a la Rumba" by Cuban-American cineaste Ricardo Bacallao.

After being invited to the "World Wide Music Festival 2019" in Berlin, she decided to form her own band "Yazkah" adopting her stage name.

The debut in "Pffeferberg Haus 13" led to the participation in the "Creole Global Music Contest" in Berlin, followed by the project "Rejoice" in collaboration with Dj Yuval at Badehaus Berlin.

Focusing on a mix of Afro-Cuban rhythms, funk, electronic elements and a variety of percussion instruments, harmonies with a touch of jazz/soul and Cuban music, Yazkah manages to be a reflection of a whole journey.

As a composer and music producer, her repertoire includes music for plays, documentaries, short films, podcasts and others.

The composition of accompanying music is gaining importance in her musical development.

"Orishas Devotion" a documentary by Ricardo Bacallao. The Maji-Maji readings", a documentary by Ricardo Bacallao, with which he received a special invitation to the Berlinale 2022.

-Podcast "Desde el taller" by Luis Meneses.

-Miniseries "Charlas" by Lu Glez.

- The Maji-Maji readings", a documentary by Ricardo Bacallao, with which he receives a special invitation to the Berlinale 2022.

"Coffee with sugar?", a piece by Laia RiCa, opens up the possibility of composing for this genre and playing each live performance as part of the performance.

With this first work, she performs at several festivals: Imaginale (Stuttgart), Fidena (Bochum), Wunder Festival (Munich) Fronteras Líquidas (Mexico) and theatres such as Schaubude (Berlin), Stadelhofen (Switzerland).

Coinciding with the premiere of "Kaffee mit Zucker?", the album of the same name with some of the original songs is released.

In 2021, the work wins the "Fritz Wortelmann Prize" and in 2022 it is selected as a finalist for the Grünschnabel 2022 (Switzerland).

"Talking Back" is Laia RiCa and Antonio Cerezo's new work to be premiered in 2022, where she will again take on the role of composer and perform her music live at each performance.

Interaction with other musicians and artists is important to follow and develop her creative path. Therefore, Yahima's or Yazkah's universe continues to feed on images, moments, experiences and transforms them into music.